COST MP1105 TRAINING SCHOOL on Fire testing according to European/International Standards --> Travel grants available!

This 2nd COST MP1105 Training School will take place from 20-22 or 22-24 October 2014 in Bolton, UK.

The purpose is to educate early stage researchers or established personnel working in industry about various test methods and instruments used for evaluation of fire performance of materials. The course is aimed at explaining the important factors to consider when testing different materials in order to achieve a good result and how the physical and chemical characteristics of different products can be addressed to improve fire performance. It will also address how improving one type of performance, for example flammability, can have a detrimental effect on another, such as smoke production. Invited members from industry will also explain how they use small scale testing for product development which correlates to the larger scale regulatory based tests thus producing large cost savings in terms of testing costs.

The Training School will consist of a two day workshop in the fire testing laboratories of the University of Bolton and Exova with a third day of lectures in Bolton and will be run over two separate sessions of three days: Monday 20 to Wednesday 22 and Wednesday 22 to Friday 24 October 2014.

Experts will provide an overview of product behaviour, testing protocol and interpretation of results on the following test methods:

        Flammability of textiles, BS 5438
        Limiting oxygen index and UL-94 (plastics and polymers)
        Thermogravimetric analysis
        The Cone calorimeter (construction products, marine and rail)
        Single burning item (construction products)
        Flame spread and non-combustibility (rail, marine and construction products)
        Smoke and toxicity (transport products)

Numbers are limited and early booking is advisable.  Please register before 15 September 2014