CONTEXT brings advanced textiles’ materials debates to Barcelona

More than 70 experts from 35 countries met in Barcelona during January 30th, 31st and February 1st, 2019, to participate in several activities organised by CONTEXT, the international network of experts in advanced textiles’ materials that is led by the Catalan technical textiles cluster, AEI TÈXTILS.

The first meeting of the six working groups that integrate the network took place on the afternoon of January 30th. Those are: WG1: Healthacare & Medicine, WG2: Automotive and Aeronautics, WG3: Personal Protection Equipment, WG4: Building and Living, WG5: Sports and Wearables, and WG6: Dissemination and Communication.

On January 31st, CONTEXT organised its first international conference as part of the public presentation of the network. The event was held in Residència d’Investigadors and gathered more than 120 participants.

Lastly, on the morning of February 1st, the Management Committee of CONTEXT met in MUHBA to debate about the major work lines of the network, including the presentation of the results from the workgroup sessions held on January 30th and the definition of activities for the next period. Among others, the network also discussed about the affiliation of international members into the network.