Invitation to sign TECLO Manifesto of Cooperation

The TECLO project aims at bringing together research and academia with the industry. A key action towards this task, is the Manifesto of willingness to co-operate between SMEs and HEIs from the Textile & Clothing sector. The Manifesto is based on and shares the TECLO Decalogue (see

The TECLO consortium commits itself to assist companies by: 

  • Providing further information and general assistance to support the implementation of the TECLO Decalogue when requested, 
  • Encouraging managers to promote lifelong learning in the workplace based on the outcomes of the TECLO Project, 
  • Making innovative learning tools available, enabling learning anywhere and anytime. 

The Manifesto has already been signed by more than 100 companies in EU and more participants from both EU and non-EU companies are invited to sign the agreement.
It is available in eight languages: English, Spanish, Greek, French, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Slovene.

You can read and sign the Manifesto at: