Event Date: 
Thursday, 31 January, 2019
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The CONTEXT conference aims to publicly present the Network to main stakeholders, highlighting its origin and its added value in order to involve the key players in the area of advanced textile materials such as researchers, the textile industry and the final users.

Experts in different fields will present the trends on advanced textile materials’ developments in the CONTEXT final applications: healthcare/medical, automotive and aeronautics, personal protection, building and living, sports and wearables. 

Practical examples addressed to textile SMEs to apply digitalisation, circular economy and other trending topics will be analysed by experts from different fields. 

Success stories of textile SMEs will show that research is not so far from the industry, and that there are real possibilities to succeed, and how clusters foster cooperation which is, in fact, a key for success.

The closing conference will feature an entrepreneurship success story including how
her attitude led to the founding of several successful companies.