CIRAT-8: 8th International Conference of Applied Research on Textiles

Event Date: 
Friday, 9 November, 2018 to Saturday, 10 November, 2018
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CIRAT is a scientific meeting organized by the Textile Engineering Laboratory every two years. This conference provides an international open forum for researchers from academic and industrial fields to present their original work and exchange ideas and information.
CIRAT will bring worldwide researchers and practitioners to share and discuss the latest scientific concepts and technological developments in textile. It also intends to promote sharing ideas and emerging technologies, as well as to foster research and development collaborations amongst academia, research institutions & relevant industries.
The main objective of this international event is to promote innovation and creativity among researchers working in the Textile research and development.

Topics of CIRAT-8

  • Fibers and polymers
  • Smart textiles
  • Medical and healthcare textiles
  • Composite materials
  • Textile dyeing and finishing
  • Digital printing
  • Protective textiles
  • Sustainability in textile
  • Clothing technologies and engineering
  • Textiles manufacturing: spinning, weaving, knitting, non-woven
  • Technical & functional textiles
  • Nanotechnology in textile
  • Fashion and design in textile
  • Textile management
  • Comfort and well being
  • Valorisation and waste management