MDT – Plasma

Academic leader: JIMENEZ Maude, Lille University (France),

Academic co-leader: VERHEYDE Bert, Vito (Belgium),

Industrial co-leader: FÖRSTER Franck, Softal (Germany),

Cold Plasma opens up new possibilities for the textile industry to reduce its carbon footprint. Plasma treatments yield improved dyeability, printability, flammability, wettability, hydrophobicity, compatibilization betweenfibers, adhesive binding, stain and soil resistance. It is also used for surface functionalization to immobilize active systems such as enzymes or antibacterial solutions.

Plasma technology can be applied on many types of fibers or textile substrates (natural fibers, synthetic fibers, inorganic fibers,…) and various plasma processes can be developed (activation, functionalization, graft-polymerization, etc.) at various steps of the process (before spinning, during extrusion process, treatment of final yarns or filaments, treatment of entire garments, …)
The main objectives consist in overcoming technology limitations and barriers for the implementation of plasma technology. The Plasma MDTeam aims at bringing together plasma technology providers and functional textile end-users to learn to know each other’s (new) opportunities as well as practical limitations.
The current and short term objectives of the MDT plasma are the following ones:

  • To liaise between 2BFuntex multidisciplinary teams – e.g. between the Antimicrobial and Electro-spinning MDTs and the Plasma MDT –, indeed trivial and important synergies exist and their collaboration would thus benefit from cross-fertilisation.
  • To attract (new) industrial partners to the MDTs, committed to bring new and robust technologies to the market, which is certainly also the case for the Plasma MDT.
  • To identify demonstrators for each of the MDTs, together with appropriate funding opportunities.

These objectives could be achieved by elaborating well focused projects inter alia in the frame of Horizon 2020, and by targeting on niche applications with high probability of success, gradually covering larger field of the functional textile industry.