MDT – Biotechnology

Academic leader: prof. dr. ir. Vincent.A. Nierstrasz, University of Borås (Sweden), e-mail

Industrial co-leader: Ing. Jan Marek CSc., Inotex (Czech Republic), e-mail


There is a need to introduce technologies that will enable cost effective production of high end products, more flexible production, and increased productivity with improved ecological footprint. Novel bio-processes and innovative bio-based materials will create a growing base of emerging technologies and eco-designed products.


EURATEX and EuropaBIO decided to highlight the potential of textile biotechnology through a joint strategic roadmap ‘BioTEX’ of the current European technology platforms for the Future of Textiles and Clothing and Suschem. To enable industrial (white) biotechnology as potential driver for innovation in the textile sector into new flexible, cleaner production based technologies, 3 main areas have been highlighted within this long term R&D roadmap:

  • Efficient selective enzymatic catalysts as an alternative to chemical processing and biofunctionalization of textiles.
  • Biobased materials and bio-polymers as a new renewable resource for textile industry.
  • Biorefing technologies as an effective tool of valorisation of co-products and residues towards main stream production of biomass.


  • Novel more effective processes with reduced footprint
  • Novel textile materials (i.e. biopolymers, biofunctionalized textiles)
  • Business cases and demonstrators (TRL 5-9)

An example of a concrete action is the initiative together with MDT on sustainable textiles to develop a project in the domain of recovered cellulosics.