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Dear 2BFUNTEX members,

JOIN US at 2BFuntex@eurofinish 2013 : an Innovation Seminar annex Matchmaking Event on Functional Textiles, with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network Flanders (EEN) and the EUREKA project E!Surf,  on Wednesday 23 October 2013 in the framework of the "Eurofinish Exhibition" (23-24 Oct 2013).

The event will comprise:
• research brokering Innovation Seminar (5’ presentations of project ideas, technology offers and requests)
brainstorming on preliminary project ideas (5 early stage project ideas will be selected)
face-to-face meetings

During the Innovation Seminar the Flemish funding agency IWT will be present to highlight the latest H2020 and other funding opportunities, and several 2BFUNTEX Multidisciplinary teams (MDT's) will be presented by the MDT leaders.

Further information (agenda, etc.), registration and submission of collaboration profiles via the webtool: http://b2match.eu/eurofinish2013 .
Entrance is free after pre-registration on the Eurofinish website; an entrance ticket is necessary for participation to the matchmaking event.
Please note that you will have to register twice, via the webtool (http://b2match.eu/eurofinish2013 ) AND the Eurofinish website.

Deadline for free registration and submission of collaboration profiles : October 10th 2013.

Already more than 30 participants from 13 countries have registered to this brokerage event!

We look forward to seeing many of you in Ghent!

Kind regards,

The 2BFUNTEX team