2BFUNTEX multidisciplinary teams (MDT)

One of the main objectives of 2BFUNTEX is the creation of  performing research in the field of functional materials, oriented towards untapping the potential and to enhance transfer of the vast knowledge available at universities and research institutes to industry and to favour rapid industrial uptake.

Based on the analysis of the technology-innovation gaps, 8 multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) that collaborate along the following specific research topics were set up :

Antimicrobial Textiles
• Electrospinning
• Flame retardancy
Smart Textiles
Sustainable Textiles

Each MDT is led by a research and an industrial team leader and will identify tangible gaps between available technologies and medium to long-term industrial needs and develop new project ideas.
All MDTs are also open to researchers and industrial persons from outside the 2BFUNTEX consortium.