2BFUNTEX Final Conference on Technology Transfer of Functional Textile Innovations

The presentations given at the 2BFUNTEX Final conference on Technology Transfer of Functional Textile Innovations on Saturday 14th November 2015 at ITMA 2015 in Milan, Italy, are available for download.  The topics and presenters are :

  • General overview of 2BFUNTEX project results, P. Kiekens (UGent, Belgium)
  • Trends and analysis of scientific knowledge on functional textiles, B. Wepner / P. Wagner (AIT, Austria)
  • Trends and analysis of industrial needs in functional textiles, S. Verin (UP-Tex, France)
  • European Materials and Surfaces Initiatives in Europe, A. Igartua (IK4-Tekniker, Spain)
  • Recycled Textiles of Cellulose from Laboratory to Factory Scale Demo, A. Harlin (VTT, Finland)
  • PlasTexTron: a multidisciplinary network to develop new added values, H. Bleier (ECOPLUS, Austria)
  • 3D-LightTrans: Experimental Stiffness Evaluation of 3D Fibre Reinforced Polyester Composite Fiat 500 L Tailgate, I. Cerny (SVUM, Czech Republic)
  • Embroidered sensors for pressure monitoring on supporting structures, P. Franitza (STFI, Germany)
  • Smart@fire: the last step towards commercialisation of smart fire fighter suits, L. Van Langenhove (UGent, Belgium)
  • High-valued Cosmetic Bra, T. Uysal (Sun Tekstil A.S., Turkey)
  • 1st winner 2BFUNTEX technology competition: Flame-retardant hotmelt for mattress ticking, W. Duyvejonck (EOC Group, Belgium)
  • 2nd winner 2BFUNTEX technology competition: Conductive Textiles: towards true wearable technology, R. Ashayer-Soltani (National Physical Laboratory, UK)
  • TECLO: Future textile and clothing managers for export, marketing, innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship oriented companies, E. Van der Burght (UGent, Belgium)