About the project

Boosting collaboration between research centres and industry to enhance rapid industrial uptake of innovative functional textile structures and textile-related materials in a mondial market.

2BFUNTEX will exploit the untapped potential in functional textile structures and textile related materials.

It will bring together all innovation actors in the field fostering a multidisciplinary approach between universities, research institutes, SMEs (in textile 95% of the companies are SMEs) and sector associations.

The 2BFUNTEX team will identify technological gaps and will eliminate barriers resulting in a faster industrial uptake of added value functional materials with new functionalities and improved performance and resulting in creation of new business worldwide.

Technological needs will be mapped, new joint international research disciplines will be identified and multi-disciplinary lab teams will be created between universities, research institutes and SME research departments. International cooperation will be favoured to exploit the worldwide market expansion potential. Industry will be involved at all stages of the process and will be able to adapt production methods, management and distribution in an early stage. The inventory will enlarge the team of important textile universities and renowned materials research centres and will identify new collaborations. Synergy will be reinforced and created which will enable to identify and develop new functional materials. Training material for research and industry purposes regarding functional materials will be elaborated and implemented European and worldwide. This material will be designed also for sector organisations to train technical people in their SMEs. It will allow a common language regarding functional textile structures and textile related materials, and will increase the number of well-trained people in this field.

2BFUNTEX will organise and participate in conferences, workshops and brokerage events.
Along with a website with an extensive database comprising all information gained throughout the inventory phase, collaboration will be boosted and rapid industrial uptake catalysed and enhanced.

  • collecting all relevant information related to ongoing research and activities in the field of functional textile structures and textile related materials using modern detection methodologies;
  • detection of synergies and gaps and the creation of project ideas in the field of functional textile structures and textile related materials;
  • development of an interactive database;
  • training and education to increase the number of well-trained people that continue their (research) activities in functional materials related industry and to better train people already employed in industry;
  • dissemination activities; organisation of conferences, workshops (for SMEs), brokerage events, training courses,...
  • creation of multidisciplinary project teams performing research in the field of functional materials and oriented towards industry aiming at the creation of new business worldwide.