SAVE THE DATE: Workshop on the substitution of PFAS in the textile industry - June 5th in Brussels.

The aim of this event is to present the key results and outcomes from the MIDWOR-LIFE project and to debate the substitution of PFAS used as Durable Water and Oil Repellents (DWORs) in textile finishing processes.

Additionally, the event will have invited talks from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), EURATEX and other new related projects that are starting from across Europe.


The aim of this networking event is to foster exchange and linkage between projects funded within different EU programmes, execute activity of promotion and advocacy, as requested by the Commission and foreseen within the dissemination activities.

Several representatives of projects financed within European programmes (Life, Horizon 2020, Erasmus+, Interreg, etc.) will meet in this occasion to share experiences, explain strategies and connect with other participants and stakeholders.

09/11/2018 to 10/11/2018

CIRAT is a scientific meeting organized by the Textile Engineering Laboratory every two years. This conference provides an international open forum for researchers from academic and industrial fields to present their original work and exchange ideas and information.

29/11/2018 to 30/11/2018

'Turning Fibers into Value'

Aachen: November 29 -30, 2018

Partner Country: Italy

For experts from the fields of

Textile Chemistry, Finishing & Functionalisation
Man-Made Fibers,
Textile Machinery, Manufacturing, Composites
Medicine & Health Care

with Plenary Talks and Special Symposia on

    - Comfort and Luxury
    - Textiles for Medicine and Health Care
   -  Electrofunctionality and Sensors
   -  High-Performance Materials
   -  Fiber Technology

18/10/2018 to 19/10/2018

The Conference will focus on important topics and issues of European and global science in the field of textile materials, technologies, fashion, design and marketing.

Main topics:

23/07/2018 to 26/07/2018

The 91st Textile Institute World Conference, hosted by the School of Design at the University of Leeds, will provide a focus on Integrating Design with Sustainable Technology. The aim is to identify and establish interdisciplinary engagement in the textile manufacturing and retail industry through the various fields of technology, design, research and economy.

Main Topics:

28/03/2018 to 29/03/2018

This series of conferences has served as an exclusive forum of distinguished engineers and scientists where they present and exchange ideas and share their wealth of knowledge regarding 3D textile architecture, properties and their applications.

The conferences have proved to be popular among academic researchers as well as industrialists working in practical problems of textile materials and structures.

Themes of this conference:

1. Advanced textile technologies and materials: 3D FABRICS

28/02/2018 to 02/03/2018

The iTechStyle Summit aims to provide a platform to globalize the research by installing a dialogue between industries and academic organizations.

Addressed by leading voices from the industry and academy who will give their expert insights on the latest trends, strategies, opportunities and challenges, the conference will embrace the areas of industry 4.0, digitization and dematerialization of textile and clothing prototypes, new advanced fibres and materials, new technical and smart structures, and sustainability and circular economy.

03/09/2018 to 04/09/2018

This conference focuses on advanced materials research in the forward-looking enabling R&D domain where the intersection of key technologies in areas such as nano and microtechnology, biotechnology, stealth materials, smart materials and structures, and energy generation and storage is being explored.

AuxDefense 2018 – 1st World Conference on Advanced Materials for Defense aims to be the meeting point for everyone interested in these outstanding advanced materials, including researchers, technicians, technologists, militaries and students.